State Of Play. Vilvoorde (BE) 2023

An ordinary street between dormant buildings. For a moment, the road becomes a construction site, a playground, an arena. On stage, a field of thirty-six columns, underground waste pipes standing upright, tightly lined up. Together they form a building that does not exist, under the roof of an infinite sky. 

Each column adorned with imaginative capitals: a sculpture, a bunch of greenery, a fountain, a ray of light.

A bridge against the facade overlooks the square. Below, the DJ brings the scene to life. Here come the dancers; happy and exuberant. A partying temple.

A project by: Stand Van Zaken; Theo De Meyer & doorzon interieurarchitecten

For: Horst Arts & Music Festival 2023

Photography: Jeroen Verrecht, Eline Willaert, Illias Teirlinck, Lukas Turcksin


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