Objects of Celebration. Design Fest Gent (BE), 2022

Where the initial idea ‘to build something on the courtyard’, turned out into an installation where different constructed volumes are forming a landscape in the outside spaces of the museum. Different volumes that each still show the act of building through subtle connections and additions. Bigger constructions function as a roof, a bar, a balie, and a light in a relation to smaller autonomous pieces that function as benches, platforms and planters.

Because of its availability a lot of materials from previous scenography’s in the museum were re-used. Materials such as sheet materials, bricks, corrugated sheets, and shelvings, are used to construct the bigger volumes. Smaller autonomous pieces are made out of materials like pvc, wood and concrete. Materials that are used a lot in each individual practice.

The installation can be seen as an introduction to the new museum. By adding an extra entrance in the Drabstraat we want to welcome everyone into the beautiful public courtyard and hope that it can become a well used part of the public space in Ghent in the future.

For: Design Museum Gent

Scenography: Theo De Meyer and Bram Vanderbeke

With assistance of: Margot De Caster, Rachel Segers and Sara Knaepen

Photography: Michiel De Cleene and Franziska Krieck

Text: Bram Vanderbeke

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